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"My story didn’t start from much, I come from a background to which should have led me in a completely different path. My parents split up and I was spending my time divided between alternative households. It was distracting my focus. From things I had seen as a young child it was already established in my mind that I definitely do not want to go down that route, so all the negativity that had poured through, I had actually learnt a lesson from and told myself that I would never be like that. Eventually I was in settled in once place, one work station and I had begun.

It all started at 12, the numbers spoke, and the business bug dragged me in. When I first made money from my hobby at the time it was one of the most uplifting feelings ever, knowing I could do something I had a passion, determination and love for and also make money from, was great. This is when in my head the dream of never having to work a 9-5 job kicked in. Nobody wants a boring lifestyle and neither did I, but I was more than ready to put actions where my word was. At 12 years old my journey started, I created my first business. It was a simple concept but with high demand for it. I would wait every night for orders to come in, sometimes we didn’t get them for days, even weeks, however when an order did come in, it empowered me to do more. I would do everything from packaging the products, invoicing and financing to shipping the products off. Without the decisions I made as a 12-year-old businessman at the time, I wouldn’t be in the position I am today because it taught me so many valuable lessons that will I will carry for the rest of my journey.

At 13 I learnt basic programming skills, this then developed into the ability to code websites, eventually to the stability where I had my own clients in and around Manchester. Once I was a few months into freelancing I started researching more of the market I delved into. Shortly after I started my own agency with some friends in the industry and some other specialists. Opportunities that arose from the experience were truly incredible, having the opportunity to attend business exhibitions and being invited to networking events, it was a surreal experience.

At 14 I was setting up, attending and leading my own meetings and conferences, attending networking events weekly to grow my network and connections. I was even travelling all over the UK to meet my own team members. By the age of 14, financing, compliance and legality became a huge thing to me. It is the more boring part of business but it had to be done, the surprise there probably is that I didn’t mind it. By this time, I had already turned over £5k + and had already had a decent taste of what being at the forefront and the taking lead role of a business was like – and I loved it!

In the world of business as a 15-year-old today and in the final year of high school, it is extremely exciting knowing that the future upon us is quite unpredictable, jobs that people will work may not have been created yet, the new way of transport may not have been created yet, living arrangements may completely differ, it is truly exciting. As having the opportunity on my doorstep to access a world of innovation and change I am currently creating businesses to help the environment, the people and the businesses of today. I am only looking to do one thing, and that one thing is, to be the best person I can be, whilst empowering others and making money."

What People Say

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mack of just over a year and I have now worked with on a number of successful projects during this time. For me there are no words to describe how special this young man is. His understanding of business and the potential pit falls is way beyond his years along with his determination, cool demeanour and strong presence.

During the summer I had Mack working in my home delivery business on a sales campaign, using only the knowledge he had to find himself from asking leading questions to my team Mack came up with a "Fresh" new sales campaign which generated over £500k annualised revenue so far with projected revenue of £1 Million.

Fun, enthusiastic, determined, focused, grounded, willing to learn Mack is truly destined for big things. Its without hesitation I recommend Mack to anyone who can join him on this extraordinary journey.

Chris Knight

CEO - Keen & Able Delivery & Canaries CBD

Drive, enthusiasm and a real passion for business yet conducted with humility and respect is a combination of qualities that I have rarely seen in my 45 years of business yet here I find myself recommending a business man at the ripe old age of 15.

I worked with Mack at our home delivery business over the summer and since then on other ventures. His ability to grasp the concept of a business model and make value added suggestions is simply astonishing. His mindset is so focussed on success strategies that I can’t see any obstacles that he will not be able to overcome as his incredible journey in the business world continues to gain momentum. If you are thinking of tapping into this amazing young man’s mind, don’t think too long he’s going to be in high demand.

Guy Revis

Managing Director - Keen & Able Delivery

Mack is very professional and pays excellent attention to detail. It's been an absolute pleasure working with him and his team. I will highly recommend their services.

Alex Onalaja

Founder at Think ADesign Group and Alex O. Consulting

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"The mission is to be able to empower young people all over the world to be the best person they possbily can. I want to prove a point. That no matter the results you come out with, you still might not know what you truly want to do until you are 40, which is still only half way through your life. The education system puts too much pressure on kids to choose a pathway that will potentially shape a future they do not even know they want to follow. My goal is to empower them differently, tell them that no matter what happens your determination, hunger, strive, and hard work will always outrule the qualifications you earn.

I want to eventually go on to do public speaking, touring the world hopefully inspiring others to be the best person they can possbily be, because that is all I want to do, be the best person I can be. Sharing my knowledge and helping people achieve their true greatness. I think it is incredibly important to find your purpose, talent and passion at a young age because even if you don't know what career path suits you best at 30 for example, you still know what you truly love doing. I want to help people find their true potential and figure out what their calling is, because I have found mine.

Due to my opinion on the current education system, I think a vast proportion of children and young adults are left our from the opportunites they should be given so I want to start helping younger people get on the right path, whether that be an entrepreneurial journey similar to mine or a subject that is not offered they would love to study, it would be amazing to be able to help the next generations reach the dream job they are restricted from reaching due to limitations. "

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